Enjoy the Whimsy of the Written Word

Whimsillusion is a manuscript critique group born to add a new breath of whimsy to the publishing industry. We’re not opposed to books or stories that follow a tried-and-true formula, but we encourage our writers to create stories that break the boundaries of genre and go far beyond the norm. We seek out stories and characters that break the traditional mold and don’t fit within a specified category.

More importantly, Whimsillusion was created to give both readers and writers a forum to engage, network, and collaborate with other readers and writers looking for fresh new voices.

Readers With a Voice

As members of Whimsillusion, avid readers now have the opportunity to influence an author’s work. Critique and review every author’s work in progress (better known as a WIP) and help guide their choices to better prepare their manuscript for publication.

Writers Who Dare to Dream

Writers are able to hone their material and find out what is and isn’t working before submitting for publication by utilizing a comprehensive group of beta readers. Better yet, by utilizing the Whimsillusion platform, author’s may be contacted directly to publish their work through our parent company, Phoenix Moirai.

The Promise

Bringing like-minded readers and writers together on a valued platform to respectfully and constructively create, shape, and mold written works outside of industry-conforming rules.

The Dream

To become the gold-standard in genre entertainment by cultivating a catalog of best-selling and award-winning artists that changes one’s perception of story, character, format, and art.

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