A Book Lovers Christmas

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens just a week away, it means Christmas is upon us. Have you gotten something for everyone on your list yet? The grumpy grandpa that doesn’t like anything? The geeky brother who’ll string you up if you confuse Star Trek with Star Wars (or vice-versa)? The cousin you don’t know well enough to shop for? The little sister who wants nothing but expensive Santa gifts?

What about the book lover in your family? You know, the one who is never without a book in their hand, or has so many books, you’re about ready to cast them on Hoarders. You’re in luck, because I’ve compiled a quick list of quirky, off-the-wall and practical gift ideas for a very, merry book lover’s Christmas.

Clip-On Reading Light
For the bookworm who can’t get to sleep without first reading a good book (and doesn’t want to disturb their bed mate).


Tissue Box Cover
For those who cry when the books are over.


Talking Bookmarks
For those who like to be told where they are in the book.


Book Scented Candles or Perfume
For those who just can’t get enough of that powerful literary smell!


Personalized Library Embosser
For those who lend books and want to (try to) guarantee their safe return.


Magnetic Poetry Kit
For those who like to tool around with words. (I used to play around with this at work with co-workers!)


Leather Book Cell Phone Case
My dad has one of these; it makes your phone feel much more classic.


Barnes and Noble Gift Cards
And of course you can never go wrong with a good ‘ole fashioned Gift Card to Barnes and Noble.


What do you think? Have any other ideas for book lovers this Christmas?

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