Memoirs of Keladrayia Release Postponed

A couple of months ago, I announced a tentative release date for my new novel, Memoirs of Keladrayia: Jaxxa Rakala. Well, that release date has come, and due to a looming deadline on a recent project (and the addition of some unexpected projects that needed to be turned around rather quickly), “tentative” has become the most useful word I’ve used in the last few months!

But for all of my fans out there anxiously waiting for this book to be released, I can say with almost certain certainty (like how I did that… still gives me a little wiggle room on this, though I don’t believe I’ll need it) that Memoirs of Keladrayia will be released on June 23, 2015. And just to whet your whistle, here are some other dates to keep note of:

June 4 (Cover Reveal): I had a terrific photo shoot with my cover model a couple of weeks ago (which also included a small film shoot for a possible trailer that I’m hoping to put together for the book — a release date of which is still undetermined), and If everything goes according to plan with my other projects, I will have more time to concentrate on wrapping up the cover over the next few days, so you can expect the cover reveal next week.

June 12 (1st Chapter): On the heels of the the screening for my film, Secrets of the Desert Nymph, I will help get everyone in the mood for my novel by releasing the first chapter for everyone’s enjoyment (hopefully with its very own website)! This date may bounce a few days if some things go awry, but let’s hope they don’t!

June 15 to 22 (Snippets): For those who follow my Twitter, you’re in for a treat, as I will be tweeting at least one snippet from the novel per day. These will be anything from major hints at what’s to come to two word sentences that make no sense out of context. These will be exclusive sneak peeks for my Twitter followers.

June 23 (Release): As with all of my previous novels, Memoirs of Keladrayia will be released in both paperback and Kindle. I am also going to be looking into formatting options for release on other platforms, such as iTunes and Nook, so I will keep everyone informed about the progress of that as it comes along. This will also be the first book published under my new banner, Phoenix Moirai Publishing.

Thanks to all of my fans for their patience in the release of this next chapter in the Jaxxa Rakala Saga. Hopefully the next one won’t take as long.

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