Beta readers are the life blood of publication.

Readers want nothing more than to dive into a new world that ignites the fire of  imagination and emotion. When we’re let down, we only have one question: what happened?

A lot of times a lack of attachment to characters, plots, and themes are because the book or story wasn’t given the necessary test run. The author, for whatever reason, decided to forgo the Beta reader process to publish without knowing if his or her book would even be of interest to the reader he or she was writing for.

Making sure a manuscript is ready for primetime is an integral part of the writing process. But it’s hard to find good Beta readers willing to provide honest, constructive feedback.

The perfect Beta readers love to read. The consume all styles of narrative, as many different genres as they can bear, and read as often as they can. But these types of readers are few and far between, so most writers either skip the process or rely on family, who, let’s be honest, love everything you do.

That’s where Whimsillusion comes in. We rely on our eager Beat readers like you (as well as other writers) who are salivating for fresh new voices. You help the author fine-tune their work with constructive feedback and honest discussions so they can be certain that their book is ready for the masses.

We also offer plenty of additional worthwhile benefits for our readers, including free books, free entry into contests, and discounts on all books published through Phoenix Moirai.

Whimsillusion provides writers the Beta readers they need to get their manuscript ready for publication.

How it Works


As a reader member, you have access to all manuscripts written by our writers, which include every length you can imagine, from flash fiction to world-creating novels. 


Add your honest, thoughtful feedback to every story you read and provide constructive criticism that will help the author flesh out story, characters, and themes. 


Once you’ve reviewed the manuscript, engage in constructive dialogue to help prep the author to publish the manuscript for your peers to read and enjoy.

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