Critiques and Reviews are the Best Way to Support an Author

Writing a novel takes a lot of time. Outlines, research, typing, rewriting, editing, reading, editing (again!), more research, and editing (yeah, again!). And that’s before the time it takes to write a synopsis, research publishing houses, and figuring out possible marketing strategies. All of this to put what amounts to a small piece of themselves into the world.

It’s difficult for hundreds of writers to have taken all of that time and do everything they could, only to feel as if they’re a failure.

That’s why reviews  are essential to a writer’s journey. Once they have published their novel, whether it’s traditionally or self-published, the popularity of the book is in the hands of the readers. Yes, the writer will need to continue to do what they can to make the public aware of their novel, but no amount of social media posts, book tours, signings, or advertising can beat dozens of reviews on their book.

The best advertising ammunition an author has in their arsenal are reviews they can share.

Whimsillusion offers a platform for you to review not only published works, but works in progress (also known as WIPs). These unique critiques and feedback help our authors craft their story to better fit their target market and find all of the problem areas before they hit publish or start the query process.

By offering feedback, reviews, and critiques, it’s you, our readers (and other authors) who give life to an author’s work and make it possible for it to become the next New York Times best seller.

Best Ways to Help an Author


By Commenting on a story or WIP on this site, you are providing vital feedback, thoughts, and ideas that the author can use to make their manuscripts ready for publication.


Love it or hate it, after reading an author’s published work, write a review wherever you can, whether that’s here, Amazon, or your very own blog. Every review helps.


Share an author’s book or story on all of your social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more. Add a quick thought or two to show your love even more.

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