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You thought your life was hell? Lexa just found out she’s nothing more than a character from a book written by someone named Bryan Caron. Now she must spend her precious time finding a way to protect the pathetic schmuck from a monster created by a character she created who somehow found a way to jump from the pages of their novels. If you found that confusing, you are going to hate this book.


The contributors to this manuscript have purposefully made it their mission to confuse, offend, manipulate, frustrate and abuse your sensibilities. The author, publisher and anyone else associated with this book are not liable for insomnia, migraines, onset hysteria, uncontrollable rage, annoyance, nausea, projectile diarrhea, debilitating madness, sexually transmitted diseases, schizophrenia, delusions of grandeur, anorexia, waking nightmares, or any other unforeseen ailment that may come from reading the book you are about to purchase.

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