Honest criticism can hurt. And it should. It's what makes us all better writers.

As a writer, we’re always wondering if anyone will ever read our work. And if they do, will they even like it?

Testing this question requires Beta readers, those who we hope will provide honest, constructive criticism on our work. No matter how painful this feedback may be, it is an important step in the process of fashioning our work into the masterpiece we know it can be.

Sometimes, though, finding good Beta readers can be a frustrating endeavor. Family and friends can only get you so far. They love everything you write, after all, right? To get the best critiques, we need to reach out beyond our inner circles — to those avid readers we eventually want to reach once the end product has hit the market.

That’s where Whimsillusion comes in. We have plenty of eager Beta readers (and other writers) ready to read works from fresh new voices and provide constructive criticism on all of your work, from short stories to complete novels.

We also offer plenty of additional worthwhile benefits for our writers, including free books, discounts on cover and layout design, and additional royalties should Phoenix Moirai publish your manuscript.

Whimsillusion brings you readers and gets you on track to become the next successful author.

How it Works


As a writing member, you have access to post your work, add categories for the type and genre of your manuscript, and limit the users who are allowed to read your manuscript.


Engage in thoughtful, constructive discussions with your target audience and other writers who are here to help you create the best manuscript money can buy.


Once you’ve received as much feedback as you can, and have done as much editing as you can muster, it’s time to submit your manuscript to us through our publishing portal.

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